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Your comment or feedback are most valuable to us. Please email us at if you would like to contact us. We also have the following Return & Refund Policy for reference in order for us to provide the best customer satisfaction. Feel free to email us or call us if you have any questions regarding to the Return & Refund Policy.


Preparation of your order can begin immediately after your order has been confirmed. We reserve the right to reject cancellations or order changes once your order/ item has been prepared.

Food Order Error or Missing Items*

In rare occasions, we may prepare the wrong food/ drink or missing an item in an order. We
sincerely apologize if that happens and we will make it up to you. Please let us know as soon as
you notice that. We will refund the amount to your credit card or in store credit (physical card). However, there will be no cash refunds.

Please understand that some of the ingredients that are listed on the menu may not be available
on that day and we may need to substitute it with other ingredients with similar value. If an item
is prepared and served with only slight changes in less than two ingredients, we do not accept
returns nor offer any discounts, refunds, or store credit.

For take-out orders: we do provide courtesy items such as disposable utensils, chopsticks, soy
sauce, etc. for free.  If we mistakenly omit the free courtesy items, you are welcome to let us
know so we may address the issue with our staff. However, we cannot provide discounts,
refunds or store credit on missing courtesy free items.

Food Dissatisfaction*

We pledge that we cook our food fresh to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients. We take great care and pride in all of the dishes we make. Please let us know immediately if you dislike the taste of the food or drink or any ingredients in the item. To ensure best customer service, in most cases we offer replacement of food or drink, however, not refunds. We promise that we care about your opinion and will continue to improve on perfecting the dish. Please note that replacement of other food or drink items or any refund will be at the discretion of the manager on duty only.

Spice Level*

Spicy level, just like taste, can be different for everyone. We usually suggest that you are on the
side of caution and choose a lower spicy level, or request for chili oil / any other spice on the side. We reserve the right to reject return of any item for reasons such as a different expectation on spicy level. Extra house made special sauces other than chili oil will be subject to an extra charge.


Order Cancellation


Once the food is prepared, we do not accept returns, nor do we offer any discounts, refunds, or
store credit if you change your mind or mistakenly order the food/ drink.

Complimentary Food


We do not provide a refund or cash value on any complimentary food or drink.



*We will only prepare a second food order in all situations and we will not prepare a third order

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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