yume ramen sushi
yume ramen sushi

Dear Customers,


In the wake of recovering from the pandemic, the costs of food ingredients, and even shipping and the whole operations have all been increasing absurdly. On top of that, it is extremely difficult to hire quality staff, not to mention keeping the excellent staff that we currently have. In order for our small family-owned business to sustain without sacrificing / alternating anything else, after very thorough consideration, YUME will start imposing a 5% #Supportlocalbusiness Surcharge effective May 17th, 2021. Your contribution will help and benefit the Back of House staff so that they can have a more livable wage under the current economic situation. 


We promise that we will continue to give our best to ensure you an enjoyable experience. 


Thank you for your patronage and support. We also understand that you may have questions about how it works and why. Our staff will be more than happy to explain to you our philosophy. We genuinely hope that with this temporary implementation, Charlotte’s restaurant industry will recover and thrive in the near future. 


Thanks again,

YUME Ramen Sushi & Bar

1508 S. Mint St., Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28203


YUME Ramen Sushi & Bar was established in April 2017 in Matthews, NC and is now located in the fast-growing Southend area in Charlotte, NC. From a sip of Hibiki Whisky, to a bowl of steaming hot Tonkotsu ramen, Yakitori, or an aesthetic platter of sushi and sashimi, authentic, fresh and creative are what you can find in YUME. 

yume ramen sushi